Welcome to  The concept and vision of Naked-Island is to find and develop a 300 to 1,500 acre island to establish a uniquely private self-sufficient ocean front village and resort for discerning naturists in a warm, sunny climate.  We are hoping to do this by first finding a group of like minded individuals that can collectively help nurture this idea and who can proactively contribute to building a community that enhances your life and revitalizes your spirit.  The vision further aims at the purely naturist community and is not intended as a “lifestyle” development.

Please note there currently is not a specific island or location for this concept at this stage.  We invite you to peruse and consider all the information within our site.  Those interested to explore participating with us in Naked Island please fill out our survey questionnaire and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for visiting, we appreciate your consideration.

Naked-Island;your sanctuary, your future.