The concept outlined here is for a private island, however it could also be developed on a 300 - 1,500 acre coastal mainland location.  The benefits of an island are complete privacy, more exclusivity, quieter and more serene.  On the other hand mainland benefits are it is less expensive to buy and develop, easier to get to and closer to other attractions, businesses and amenities.  Regardless, the ideal location would have the following:

  1.   Minimally 300 - 1,500 acres.

  2.   Minimally 1 to 3 miles of ocean beach front divisible into 6 - 15 sections.

  3.   Interesting elevations and interior hills.

  4.   Fertile ground.

  5.   Up to 30% of the location is able to be developed for residences, the resorts and village.

  6.   A partially built infrastructure of roads, marinas and buildings.

  7.   Minimal low lying environmentally restricted areas.

  8.   A naturist friendly government policy.

  9.   Ease to obtain land holder permits.

  10.   Government bylaws and policing.

Naked-Island;location: island vs mainland